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Let’s Get Organized

One of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions every year is to get organized. It makes sense: new year, new you, less clutter. But organizing can be hard and tedious. Fortunately there are lots of helpful apps, tips and tricks to… Continue reading

Virtual Reality: The Holidays’ New Toy

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is this year’s hottest toy. A combination of technology that people could only dream of 50 years and new innovation, virtual reality is now available for consumer use. It is a computer generated, 3-D… Continue reading

Wearable Tech

We have entered the wonderful world of wearable technology. You can get anything from hats to shirts to bracelets to shoes that collect data and spit out information about your health, movements, and activities. Not only does wearable tech make… Continue reading

Smart Homes


Innovators these days integrate technology into everyday live. The newest tech hub: your home. Smart houses are homes that merge technology seamlessly into every day live. And no, we don’t mean the house in Disney Channel’s 1999 movie Smart… Continue reading

What is Malware?

Computer_Security_Symbol_-_Malware_(rot)There are lots of things out there that can make your computer sick or stop working properly. Malware is a program specifically designed to harm comp that can slow down your computer, stop certain applications from working, or even let… Continue reading

Accessories for your iPhone’s Camera

Every new iPhone released has a better, more professional camera. The new iPhone 6s has a camera with 12 megapixels, which is still not quite professional grade (the Nikon Df has 16.2 megapixels), but that’s a far cry from the… Continue reading

Twitter Etiquette

  • Don’t retweet more than you can tweet

It’s like oversharing on Facebook: no one wants to be flooded with content from tons of other sources. They follow you for a reason, so fulfill that reason

iCloud vs. Cloud

iCloud_Alt (1)Apple iCloud

Storage: 5GB free/1TB maxicloud-nav-icon-280x200

What it stores: Photos, Notes, Contacts, any iTunes purchases, iPhone and iPad backups

Apple iCloud is hard to nail down. There’s very little direct access to it at all. You basically get 5GB of… Continue reading

The Tile App


Do you know where your wallet is right now? What about your car keys? If you find yourself losing things often, then you might want to check out Tile, a new software and hardware combination that helps you keep… Continue reading

How Secure are Your Passwords?


“Make sure you passwords are secure.” We hear it all the time. Groans can be heard all around the world when a website requires a password with a number AND a symbol AND it must be at least eight characters… Continue reading

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