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About our Trainers

At Computer Concepts USA, our trainers are the foundation of our business.
It is their ability to present complex material in an easy-to-learn manner that
separates us from other software training companies.

Each of our trainers has over 15 years of experience helping companies and
individuals master the computer programs they use every day. Their interactive
and consultative approach to adult learning encourages participation and
ensures retention.

Their technical knowledge extends beyond the classroom. They bring a wealth
of real world industry knowledge and in-depth product knowledge. This enables
our instructors to extend the learning experience well beyond the scope of the
course material.

Trainer Information

Audrey – 15 Years Experience

Audrey focuses on the Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Notes, Novel GroupWise
and proprietary software. In the past, she has created Access databases and
Excel macros for clients. She also has a background in project management
and training coordination and has certified new instructors on training and
product knowledge.

Cathy – 23 Years Experience

Cathy specializes in classroom training, application support and curriculum
development with an emphasis on customizing classes to provide realistic
business examples to compliment training. She has delivered train-the-trainer
classes, focusing on teaching techniques as well as product knowledge. Her
ability to make strong connections with adult students is a real asset.

Kim – 15 Years Experience

Kim enjoys teaching the Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Notes and proprietary
applications. In addition to classroom instruction, she programs in Microsoft
Excel, develops Microsoft Access databases and manages web development
projects. She has served in help desk and software support roles and has
worked with programmers to test new software.

Jan – 20 Years Experience

Janice is a certified Professional Educator, specializing in Microsoft Project and
Microsoft Server. She has served as a project management team leader for
large hardware and software installation projects. A member of the Microsoft
Project Users Group, she has access to pre-release software and
course materials.

Cathy – 15 Years Experience

Cathy delivers training in the Microsoft Office Suite with a specialization in
Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, numerous legal-focused add-ins and
handheld devices. She has a background in Instructional design and designs
relational databases. She customizes training to reflect the specific features
needed by teams and organizations.

Marianne – 17 Years Experience

Marianne is a Microsoft-certified Master Instructor and specializes in Microsoft
Office Suite and Microsoft Project. Beyond the classroom, Marianne works in
project management, courseware development, help desk support and report
writing. She interacts and communicates effectively with students of varying ages
and cultural backgrounds.

Megan – 20 Years Experience

Megan is an expert in adult learning. While teaching trainers at AT&T, she
developed a keen ability to strengthen retention by creating a dynamic
classroom. Megan focuses on Microsoft Office, specifically Excel training, quickly
helping student overcome their lack of software confidence. For the Instructional
Services Company, Megan wrote instructional manuals connecting keystrokes to
key tasks through key concepts.

Lori – 15 Years Experience

Lori is an expert instructor in Lotus Notes, the Microsoft Office Suite, Blackberry
and other proprietary software. End-user application training and courseware
development have been her focus. She ensures that classes focus on business
relevant training, with time-saving features and tips that increase efficiency
and productivity.

CCUSA is Certified with the city of Chicago Women Business Enterprises