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Wearable Tech

We have entered the wonderful world of wearable technology. You can get anything from hats to shirts to bracelets to shoes that collect data and spit out information about your health, movements, and activities. Not only does wearable tech make for a great holiday gift, but it can put you back on track for fitness and keep you on top of the updates coming from your phone.


This hat broke grounds when it came out in 2014. It allows users to work out, walk, and run without needing a chest strap. It measures your heart rate, calories consumed, and cadence/steps measurement, all at an aerospace level. At $99 and hand washable this hat would make a great gift or a runner.

This shirt integrates the principles of biomechanics with full-body sensors in a comfortable shirt. The sensors provide real time data measurements for the app so that the wearer and others can see immediate feedback. This can help stop injury and help improve form.

Runners are always trying to improve their form, and many untrained runners can injure themselves by not running with proper form. These shoes aim to show runners what they are doing wrong and ways to improve their form, therefore avoiding expensive trainers and medical issues. All data is nicely displayed in the app.


Sick of carrying your phone around? You can now get all of your notifications and respond to them on your wrist. The Apple Watch connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone. All of your phone’s iCloud information is connected to the watch so you can respond on the go. There are tons of replaceable wristbands for the watch so you can tailor it to your own style.

Fitbit is the most well-known exercise bracelet. There are 8 different types of fitness trackers under the Fitbit name, measuring anything from steps to sleep to heart rate. These trackers come in a multitude of colors, and Tori Burch did a line of cases for the Fitbit Flex.

Huawei-WatchThis watch looks much more like a watch than the latter two bracelets. It can hook up with any Android device and any Apple device with iOS 8 or later. The watch includes a fitness tracker, keeps up with notifications, and has a sleek professional look. You can also purchase multiple straps to change up the look of the watch.

Maybe eventually we’ll have to plug our clothing in for the night instead of just hanging it up!

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