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Virtual Reality: The Holidays’ New Toy

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is this year’s hottest toy. A combination of technology that people could only dream of 50 years and new innovation, virtual reality is now available for consumer use. It is a computer generated, 3-D environment that users can interact with so much that it feels real. Basically it boils down to be computer-simulated reality. There are, however, endless possibilities with virtual reality.  

What can you do with Virtual Reality?VirtualReality 

  • Entertainment 
  • Artistry and design 
  • Gaming 
  • Education and Simulation 
  • Tourism and exploration 
  • Psychology and mediation 
  • Real estate and shopping 
  • Social and telepresence 

Virtual Reality Hardware

  • Google Cardboard: 

This is a very simple set up. It is made out of folded-up cardboard and some lenses. You stick your phone inside and you’ll feel like you’re in another world. 

  • Samsung Gear VR 

This is currently the best virtual reality headset. It costs $99 and is compatible with a recent Samsung phone. It is comfortable to wear and has more sophisticated to wear that Google Cardboard. It also comes with a bunch of games and apps that are compatible with the virtual reality. 


  • Oculus Rift 

This virtual reality headset is a lot more heavy duty than the previous two. At $599, the Oculus Rift tracks your head in all directions so you feel much more like you’re actually in a reality. You do need a powerful gaming PC to simulate the graphics, and there is a cord that connects the headset to the machine 

  • HTC Vive 

At $799, this is the most expensive virtual reality headset in this list. But with this headset, you can reach out and grab objects in the virtual world, and you can even walk around the room. This headset requires being connected to a powerful gaming PC and a clear room so you can walk around, but it is the most immersive in virtual reality 

  • Sony PlayStation VR 

While the Sony PlayStation VR is still a bit pricey at $399, is more affordable than the latter two headsets. It lets you grab things in virtual reality without needing a powerful gaming PC, although you do need a PlayStation 4. You do need to supply controllers, but the graphics will be better than Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

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