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Let’s Get Organized

One of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions every year is to get organized. It makes sense: new year, new you, less clutter. But organizing can be hard and tedious. Fortunately there are lots of helpful apps, tips and tricks to help you get organized.

Many people are afraid to start organizing their computers. There is a lot of information saved on the computers and it can be very difficult to go through. But lots of people also think that they are alone with their messy computers, when in reality, many people don’t know how to even start.

The easiest way to start organizing your computer is to create folders for all of your documents and data. This is very easily done. On a Windows operating system, go to Windows Explorer and pick the location you want your folder to be. Double click that and on the bar at the top there is a button called New Folder. Click on that, rename it, and you can either drag files into the folder or resave them into the folder.

On a Mac operating system, go to Finder->Documents or Desktop-> Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.28.56 AM ->New Folder, and like Windows, you can click on it, rename, and drag your files in. And voila! You can get organized on your computer.

If you want more assistance, please feel free to contact Computer Concepts USA at 847-604-8421 for some pointers, or check out these Youtube videos on organizing your Mail on Mac, organizing your files on Windows, and organizing your desktop on a Mac.

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