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What is Malware?

Computer_Security_Symbol_-_Malware_(rot)There are lots of things out there that can make your computer sick or stop working properly. Malware is a program specifically designed to harm comp that can slow down your computer, stop certain applications from working, or even let hackers take over your computer or steal pieces of information.

Types of Malware

  • Virus:

A virus is its own piece of malware in itself. Like a virus in the human body, it starts small and then spreads as it infects other programs throughout the computer. Viruses often come from programs shared between computers or downloads from the internet.

  • Adware:

Adware is designed to be beneficial for the advertisers and does not intentionally mean to affect the computer. Advertisers use it to see how many users click on their links, which internet sites users frequent, and see how they can adjust ads to fit the audience.

  • Spyware:

Spyware is malicious in intent. It spies on the computer, tracks internet information, and collects data. It allows a hacker to gather information about the computer and its user without the user knowing, and it’s very hard to detect.

  • Worms:

Worms are the most destructive type of malware. They go through a computer and eats up all the information saved on the hard drive while it replicates itself.

  • Trojan:

Trojans are a type of virus that trick the user into thinking that it is safe program so that they run it. They could be programmed to steal private information, or in a bigger sense, take over the host system’s files.

  • Ransomware:

Ransomware is a very advanced type of malware. Once the computer is infected, it inhibits the user to use the computer until they pay the hacker. A warning often comes up on a popup screen notifying the user that they cannot use the computer until they pay the ransom.


Make sure that you have protection against all types of malware on your computers!

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