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Understanding Virus and Spyware Protection for Personal and Business Computers

Virus and Spyware Protection are your insurance plans for personal and business computers, network and other devices.

In today’s technological world, the advantages to protecting your personal or business computers are endless. Just as insurance protects your home or health, adding virus or spyware protection to your computer devices means faster processing speeds, secure Internet privacy, and most of all, peace of mind that your identity is protected. 

What do these sci-fi terms mean, and how are they harmful to your personal or business computers:


A software program that is created (think hackers – designed by a human) to replicate itself and spread from one computer to another. A virus interferes with the operation of one or multiple computers. Something as easy as clicking into an email message can cause the spread of this malicious, unwanted guest.

Spyware & Malware:

Software programs that will collect your personal data through your Internet connection without your knowledge. In a nutshell, any data you provide, such as your home address, login and password information or credit card number, is tracked. This information is then shared in the back end of the world-wide-web and is the leading cause of identity theft via the Internet.


A computer software program that is primarily advertising supported. Bottom line: if you purchase or download software, and if advertisements “pop-up,” you have a form of adware. While not all adware is bad, most forms of adware do track your habits and target your browsing and purchasing preferences.

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