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Top 10 Reasons Why Chicagoland Moms Should Have an iPad or iPhone:

While being a mom comes with rewards, it also comes with a variety of duties ranging from chauffeur and chef to maid and nanny.

Any busy mom knows that you must multi-task just to multi-task. Ineffectiveness at organization is never an option, and letting go of the household helm is ill advised. One might bet that any busy mom often ponders what she can do to get ahead of the curve.

Enter iPhone and iPad.

These geeky gadgets weren’t invented for just the man cave enthusiasts and tween elite. They were designed for anyone who desires the latest technologies that…well…make life easier.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Chicagoland Moms Should Have an iPad or iPhone:

Entertainment - Sometimes the kids need to be occupied while you wait at the doctor’s office or search the grocery store aisles. The entertainment possibilities are endless with TV, movie and game downloads.

Education – Your kids have projects or need extra tutorials in math or spelling. Education applications are a click away from completing another night of homework.

Ergonomics and Accessibility – iPhones and iPads are easy to grip and fit perfectly inside a purse or diaper bag.

Internet – Need directions? What time do the cleaners close? What’s a recipe for baked cod? No matter where you are, the Internet is at your fingertips.

Manage Your Contacts – Friends on speed-dial and teachers organized from A-Z makes reaching out a whole lot easier. With the iPhone and iPad, you can maintain all of your contacts in one place.

Calendar – Keeping a calendar of soccer practices, dance rehearsals, doctors’ appointments and social engagements is a must for busy moms. With an iPhone or iPad, your calendar goes where you go.

Pictures – Capturing those special moments with the kids or photographing that homemade pie is easy to do with either device. If you used your regular camera instead, downloading the photos to your iPhone or iPad is easy and seamless.

“There’s An App For That” – Seems these days there’s an app for everything. Want to simplify your grocery shopping or bank while you wait? There’s an app for that. Visit Apple’s “The App Store” or your favorite website to learn how you can download useful applications to manage your hectic pace.

Video – Dad is deployed overseas or grandma wants to say a quick hello. An easy way to connect anytime, anywhere, is by utilizing the video chat features on your iPad or iPhone. Chatting with your loved one is as easy as a few taps.

Books – Craving to read some top 10 best sellers? Download and carry that perfect read wherever you go. After all, even moms need a little “me” time.

So, now that you know – perhaps an iPad or iPhone is worth the investment.

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