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Define Show Do Review is a Simple and Effective Way to Learn New Software Skills

When it comes to most things in life, it’s easiest to learn by doing – especially when it comes to learning things on your computer!

Sometimes, however, people need a little bit of a head-start. That’s where computer training professionals come in.

Because I’ve personally trained so many business people and executives over the years, I’ve developed a method for helping them quickly incorporate newly learned computer skills. It’s called theDefine Show Do Review Do.

You can use this same method when teaching yourself or your team new skills on the computer. One example would be software training.

Define Show Do Review is a simple and effective four-step method.

Step 1. Define – outline the purpose of the software, showcase its features, its benefits and the specific functionality regarding how it affects your business.

Step 2. Show – walk through various examples, show how to use the software’s capabilities. Many software programs have video tutorials that really help here.

Step 3. Do – you or your employees should use the software in multiple ways, applying what you’ve learned.

Step 4. Review – recap your training session and discuss issues. Now is the time to make sure you and everyone is comfortable and confident.

Define Show Do Review is a great approach for learning or training on any new software as well as already used software in which your team wants to become more efficient and more productive.

Lori Tisinai is the president of Computer Concepts USA, a local Chicagoland firm that provides customized software training and technical support for large corporate clients as well as many home based businesses. Computer Concepts USA also provides computer repair and IT services.

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