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Twitter Etiquette

  • Don’t retweet more than you can tweet

It’s like oversharing on Facebook: no one wants to be flooded with content from tons of other sources. They follow you for a reason, so fulfill that reason

  • Give credit where credit is due

If you lie, especially in a space as global as Twitter, if will come back to you. So be honest and don’t take credit for content that isn’t yours.

  • Respond to your followers.

If they are tweeting at you, chances are they want some recognition from you. Strike up a conversation and keep strong relationships with your followers.

  • Avoid excessive self-promotion

A little bit if ok, but if you are constantly praising yourself on social media, it might be time to scale back. Of course, share your accomplishments with your followers, but don’t go overboard.

  • Don’t use automatic direct responses

This just sounds fake and everyone knows. Take the time to respond to your followers, as you would probably want the same respect.

  • Don’t spread unverified rumors

Everyone loves a little gossip. But anything put on social media is permanent, even if you think you’ve deleted it. Don’t make rumors worse by spreading them on a website where data travels the world in seconds. Plus it makes you look good on you.

  • Don’t stretch tweets beyond 120 characters.

While the maximum length of a tweet is 140 characters, 120 characters allows other users to retweet with more ease and makes it so that your tweet isn’t cut off in the process. Make it easier for your followers to retweet!

  • Actually follow the people you are following.

This one is mostly for you. If you aren’t paying attention to their tweets, then what’s the point in following them? Save yourself some time.

  • Don’t tweet junk

This goes along with excessive retweeting. No one wants to see junk, so spare your followers!

Happy Tweeting!

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