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Why is online training so effective for Chicagoland businesses?


In our recent post at the Lake Forest Patch, we discussed why online training can be effective and efficient for local organizations.

Here’s that latest post…

As a manger of a Chicagoland small or mid-sized business, online training can be a valuable and cost-effective method for providing continuing education for your employees.

Training offers the ability to enhance productivity and keep employees knowledgeable, less frustrated and more motivated. That can be immensely impactful for your business.

Why is online training so effective?

1 – Affordable – online training means employees don’t need to incur the expense of travel. That helps save money as well as lost time away from the workplace.

2 – Comfort – training that takes place in a setting the people are already comfortable with (i.e. their own office or conference room) helps keep them active and interested.

3 – Convenient – as much as people like to travel and stay in hotels, the reality is that with kids and the demands of running a household, e-training is quite handy. 

4 – Interaction – even in an online setting, the interaction between instructor and student is remarkably productive. With today’s technology of video and voice presence, it’s almost like being in the same room.

5 – Self-direction – whether a class is self-directed or led by an instructor, there are more opportunities for one on one help and self learning help. Online classes stimulate a student into initiating learning without waiting for direction.

There are other benefits as well, all of which create a productive atmosphere for continuing education.

Whether you’re updating your employees on the MicroSoft suite of programs or something specific to your industry, online training could be the right choice for your organization.

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