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Staying Connected


With recent power outages on the East Coast, it is difficult yet crucial that we keep all of our devices connected. When turning it off isn’t an option, check out some of these ideas to help you stay charged.

First things first, it is absolutely critical that you find and utilize ways to extract extra power from your device’s battery. This can be done in a few ways:

  • Turn down the screen’s brightness. It takes a lot more power than you’d think to keep your screen at the maximum level.
  • Keep your phone off vibrate and turn the tone settings down low
  • Close all device apps and games
  • Turn off Bluetooth  

Don’t forget, a fully charged laptop never fails as a backup power device! Wait until you’ve lost all other power sources before hitting that power button to juice up your dead devices.


You’ll need to plan ahead in order to implement these next power saving strategies, but when in a crunch, they will get you by.

  • Many newly designed Smartphone cases have additional battery packs (sometimes called JuicePacks) that can be turned on when your phone battery begins to drain. Cases like these can be found just about anywhere- including online of course. Buy it! $79.95



  • Battery-powered backup chargers, like ZaggSparq, are also available and come in different capacities. Buy it! Starting at $39.99





  • Power inverters are useful tools for devices larger than a simple mobile phone, such as a desktop or laptop. These too come in a variety of sizes and powers, so asking a sales associate which would work best for your specific device is key. Buy it! $159.99 at Walmart stores 



Whichever method(s) you choose, having a plan to keep your devices powered during emergency situations such as the recent East Coast snow storm is essential. Play around with these ideas and let us know your thoughts! Have you tried any battery saving apps? Let us know what you think about those, too!

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