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Software Training Makes Work Faster, Easier And More Efficient

Most small, medium and large sized companies utilize some form of computer software to help their business run smoothly. 

That could mean just using the basic Microsoft Office suite of programs – Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Or, it could mean using business analytics software, database software, customer relationship software and much more in addition to Microsoft Office. Mac users also have a variety of software programs that help manage their information.

Software solutions from SAS, Oracle, IBM, Sage and many others drive successful business. 

But what happens when the users of the software don’t know how to fully utilize the array of tools and solutions available to them? The simple answer is that those employees – and the business at large – is less efficient.

Software training makes work faster, easier and more efficient.

Most software is expensive. It’s expensive to purchase, implement, maintain and update. 

And without proper training, those costs are not fully recovered.

That’s where computer software training comes into play. Professional trainers help employees better understand how to use software programs more efficiently. These experts can train users in offsite classroom settings, on-location at the company or through virtual or e-learning platforms.

The benefits of computer training to the individual or business include:

  • Better overall results
  • More projects accomplished – and quicker
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Self empowerment
  • Proper training means less training overall

Expert software trainers provide hands on, interactive and ‘how to’ oriented sessions that keep user engaged and prepared for long term use of the software.

The end result is that company’s get more value out of the software they’ve already purchased. Employers are happy because they’ve maximized their tools and employees are happy because they’re able to do their jobs faster and better.

Lori Tisinai is the president of Computer Concepts USA, a local Chicagoland firm that provides customized software training and technical support for large corporate clients as well as many home based businesses. Computer Concepts USA also provides computer repair and IT services.

CCUSA is Certified with the city of Chicago Women Business Enterprises