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Navigating Facebook for Business

Does your business have a Facebook page? Do you understand all the analytics to the page? Today we’ll focus on the term “People Talking About This.”

What on earth does “People Talking About This” actually measure and entail? In short, this new Facebook metric calculates only direct interactions with the business page. The metric is crucial because “it emphasizes interactions beyond an initial Facebook like” (Darwell 2012).

The metric refreshes every seven days, and increases when viewers “like” the page; post on the wall; “like,” comment or share a post; RSVP to an event; mention the page in a post; tag the page in a photo; write a recommendation; or check in to the page. While majorities of the metrics on the Facebook business profile are hidden to the public, “People Talking About This,” is publicized. Interestingly, unlike the page’s “Likes,” the “People Talking About This” feature is delayed (about two days behind), thus administrators and page viewers are not capable of attaining the immediate numbers, but rather the days prior. The combined calculations of the discussed displays are meant to indicate how well a page engages their fans. Thus, it is important to consistently captivate and absorb the audience’s attention on a daily basis.

Further, the metric is available to single posts in addition to the engagement of the overall page. This unique number allows administrators and viewers to see how much one particular post accomplished in terms of likes, comments, shares, and views.

Why is this important to a business owner? This information is shared every time someone

  • Likes the page
  • Posts on the page
  • Likes, comments, or shares your post
  • RSVP’s to an event
  • Mentions and tags the page in a post or photo
  • Writes a recommendation
  • Checks in

And increases your chance of people finding out about you and your brand through Facebook.



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