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Internet Slang Words

It is hard enough to keep up with technology these days let alone the internet lingo! Here are just some of the abbreviations you should know:


  • SMH- “Shaking My Head.” This means that person is in disbelief or in disapproval. Example: I can’t believe he embarrassed himself the other day, SMH.


  • ICYMI- “In Case You Missed It.” Example: ICYMI, I am getting married next fall.


  • TBH- “To Be Honest” This could also be seen as In My Honest Opinion. Example: TBH, I never liked your boyfriend anyway.


  • GIF- “Graphics Interchange Format” “Graphics Interchange Format,” which allows for a limited moving image, like a repeating moment from a movie.


  • BTW- “By The Way” Example: BTW, I like your shirt.


  • NP- “No Problem.” Example: Sure, I can pick you up at 8:00, NP


  • LOL- “Laugh Out Loud.” When you think something is funny. Now we usually use LOL to frequently so much that we use it when we have nothing else to say even if the statement wasn’t even funny at all.


  • ROTF- “Rolling On the Floor Laughing.” This is one step farther from LOL


  • FOMO/JOMO- “Fear of Missing Out” and “Joy of Missing Out.”


  • AWK- “Awkward” This is used because someone does not want to spell out the whole word.


  • YOLO- “You Only Live Once.” This was first brought up by the rapper Drake. He means that you should live your life to the fullest. Example: Going down the waterslide. YOLO


  • BB- “baby.” This is just a lazier way of saying baby and is way more condescending.


  • TBT- “Throwback Thursday.” Usually used as a hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. #tbt is a chance to take a break from posting pictures of things that just happened.


  • IRL- “In Real Life.” This basically means not on the internet. You can’t just shut down when you are in a situation you don’t want to be in like a computer.


  • BRB- “Be Right Back.” Example: I have to go make lunch, brb!


  • OMG- “Oh My God/Gosh.” This is usually said when you are surprised about something.


  • TGIF-“Thank God It’s Friday.” Example: I have had so many projects this week! TGIF!







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