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GoPro Hero Cameras


GoPro Hero cameras are a big buzz word these days and they live up to their name.  It’s pretty much an ultra bomb proof miniature video camera and case with multiple mount options.  

Data is saved on a micro SD card.  A 32 gig sized card  is probably plenty large for most people.   The video saves in mpeg4 format and is a very good compression to quality ratio.   A rough estimate would be 8 hours @ 720p and 4 @ 1080p.   I prefer the video at 720p with 60fps over the 1080p at 29fps, but it’s ultimately personal preference.  

The wide angle lens does an excellent job of capturing a scene.   The still photos are poor compared to a digital camera or even a phone camera, but hey these are for video and for that they do an exceptional job.  If you do any kind of outside sports these really are a must have item.

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