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Get dial in tech support in Lake Forest or all of Chicagoland


Did you know we offer Dial-In tech support here at Computer Concepts USA?

We do – in  fact, most issues can be fixed in less than 20 minutes!

We now have technology that allows us to connect to your computer securely and we can help solve your questions quickly. Our team can generally assess your problem by asking a few quick questions. Then, we can walk you through a solution.

It’s a much easier process than waiting for us to arrive or scheduling a time for a visit. When something isn’t working on your computer, it’s frustrating and we know how quickly you’d like it fixed.

Call from right here in Lake Forest or call from anywhere in Chicago – we work remotely and you do not to have us out to your home or office – or pay the hourly rate!

We charge by fifteen minute increments if it is something we can fix online. 

Call for:

  • Personal computing problems
  • Work or small business solutions
  • Even iPad or iPhone tech support

Contact us for technical help or more information (847) 604-8421.

CCUSA is Certified with the city of Chicago Women Business Enterprises