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3 Services That Will Help Your Small Business Succeed

Small businesses face many challenges. As a small business owner – or even if you are a key decision maker at a larger organization – there are many business services available that can help you – and your company – be more successful.

Square Up – this fancy device allows you to accept debit cards and credit cards while you are mobile. The Square Card Reader attaches to your smartphone. Your customers credit cards slide through the device and your phone becomes a cash register. This is the ultimate in convenience for business owners who collect sales outside of their store or location.

Carbonite – Carbonite offers unlimited online backup for all of your important files. Can you imagine losing a database of all your customers and their history? Backups are automatic and seamless. You gain piece of mind knowing that everything of importance on your computer, your employees computers or other hardware device are safe.

Freshbooks – this service allows smaller businesses to maintain a database of invoices and estimates. Freshbooks automates the process of sending invoices, making the billing process easier for you as well as your customer. Plus, your accountant will appreciate the fact that you’ve made their life a little easier when it comes time to do year end accounting.

Services like these can be valuable resources for a business owner or director who has limited resources – time, budget, manpower, etc.

Utilizing these applications to their fullest can help your business operate more efficiently and help you grow.

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