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10 Ways Kids & Teenagers Can Make Money Online

In today’s economy, it is hard for even kids to make money these days. Remember when lemonade stands used to be the big thing? Now the best way for kids and teenagers to make money is online! Here are some ways in which your child can start making the cash online:


1) EBay

This can be like selling old school books online or pretty much anything. Kids will learn about the value of a dollar as well as shipping out items.


2) Performing Simple Tasks Online

This can include a site called Fiverr. If your kid is very creative or creates new projects all the time, you can sell their work on Fiverr for $5.00 a piece! Some project ideas include:

  • Design Ebook covers
  • Make Greeting cards
  • Draw cartoon characters
  • Design Logos and business cards

3) Sell Tickets Online

Buying a couple extra tickets are a great idea especially if they are to hot events. This can include events at school like football games or even an artist or band. You can sell the extra tickets on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Up the prices especially if they are to a sold out event!


4) Selling Pictures

Imagine that your family has gone on a vacation in Florida and now you have tons of beautiful pictures. You can upload your images to stock photography sites such as Fotolia and you get paid once people start to download your images.


5) Resume and CV Writing

If your child is good at writing, Resumes can be a way to earn money. Tons of people need help with this kind of stuff. You can create a web page and explain what services you offer and for how much. But remember not to spam. J


6) Create a Blog

Blogging might not be an easy task and is definitely for the more advanced, but it could pay off in the long run. You can learn more about blogging by going to this link:


7) By Answering Questions

Wed Answer is the most reliable place for kids to earn money by answering questions. If the asker thinks your answer is desirable enough, then you will get paid for answering.


8)  Online Surveys

Online surveys work by answering a few questions which includes giving your personal opinion about products that are offered. It requires the least amount of work and offers maximum earning. One web site for online surveys is the following:


9) Paid to Click Programs

PTC means Paid to Click Programs. In just a few clicks, you can be earning money. It works on clicking ads whenever you are on the internet. You will be paid according to the ad rates. The internet is flooded with PTC websites. Google it and start earning!


10)  Designing a LOGO

To design a logo, they need to first learn Photoshop. If they have mastered these skills, they can work as professional designers! Here are some websites where they can sell their logos:

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